Biking & walking safety education bill on home stretch

Every day in Illinois, an average of 5 kids are hit by drivers of motor vehicles within one block of a school, and more are hit beyond the school zones.

A bill that would help address this tragic daily occurrence while encouraging more walking and biking has passed the Illinois Senate and now heads to Governor Bruce Rauner for approval. 

Have fun. Enjoy the ride.

Chicago’s biggest cycling event is back and better than ever for its seventeenth year!

This year, MB Bike the Drive will be held on Sunday, May 27. Enjoy nearly 5 hours of car-free riding on the city’s scenic Lake Shore Drive, which will be closed to all auto traffic for the event. A post-ride festival including live music, giveaways and breakfast (pancakes, anyone?) will take place from 8 a.m. to Noon in Butler Field. 

Small group rides offered this summer

Do you love scenic bike rides but wish you could stop to learn more about the hidden gems Chicagoland has to offer?

New for summer 2018, Active Trans brings you Pedal Chicagoland, our small group ride series!

We will take you through some of Chicagoland’s most treasured spots via bike at a casual, no-drop pace.

These one-of-a-kind experiences are open to cyclists of all skill levels. Check out the available group rides below: 


 Visit some of Chicago’s most interesting and spectacular water fountains

Tribune's vision for NLSD is from a rearview mirror

The Chicago Tribune editorial board recently took issue with a letter that Active Trans, civic partners and local chambers of commerce wrote in support of including dedicated bus lanes or light rail  – we call it the “Silver Line” – into the redesign of North Lake Shore Drive. 

Bike Walk Education in Schools Act

Illinois crash data shows nearly five children are hit by people driving every day in Illinois while walking or biking within one block of a school.

Yet Illinois’ School Code requires automobile safety education, but there isn’t a requirement that education includes instruction on how to bike and walk safely. Active Trans is working with our allies across the state to change that. 

Chicago River Trail Coalition advances trail vision

Advancing a continuous Chicago River Trail that improves the quality of life for all city residents is not an easy task.

The river spans nine aldermanic districts; usage varies from recreational to heavily industrial in stretches; and the quality of access points varies greatly.

Chicagoans are ready for dockless bike share. Here's how to get it right.

If you follow urban cycling, you’ve probably heard the stories by now of dockless bikeshare (DoBi) chaos in parts of Asia, with bikes piling up on sidewalks and thrown in to rivers, and with companies going bankrupt almost overnight. Even in the U.S., the rollout has not gone well in some cities like Dallas where bikes are cluttering streets and sidewalks, with l

Advancing a vision for a trail on the South Branch

Turning the Chicago River into an attractive destination with healthy transportation options is an important goal of Active Trans' Chicago River Trail campaign.

Advocates inspire bicycling in Elk Grove Village

Seven years ago, Dave Simmons from Elk Grove Village decided to turn his passion for riding bikes into a non-profit with a mission to get more people on their bikes. Through Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove (FCEG), Dave is determined to see more people riding not only for recreation, but also for transportation – to school, to work, to the grocery store, and beyond.


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