New Chicago Snow Removal Ordinance taking effect

Chicago’s first snowstorm over the weekend made it abundantly clear: winter has arrived.

With winter's arrival also comes the need for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Whether you live in Chicago or local suburban communities, being a good neighbor means having good shoveling habits. 

How do you like our new website?

Nearly two years ago, we decided the Active Trans website needed help.

In web years, our site was old as dirt.

At first we weren’t sure how much intervention was needed: Did it need just a weekend at the spa or did it need serious medical attention?

After getting feedback from staff, board members, supporters and event participants, we performed a thorough evaluation on what was working and what wasn’t on the site.

That’s when we decided that major surgery was the only option.

Top 10 biking, walking and transit stories of 2018

There were plenty of attention-grabbing developments among the top active transportation stories of 2018.

Some of these developments helped make our streets safer and more inviting for people using active transportation, while others were intended to give more people access to better transportation options. 

Here they are. If we missed an important story, please let us know in the comments below. 

Suburban advocates call for improvements to DPRT

The southern segment of the Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT) between Touhy and North Avenues is often better suited for a kayak than a bike. That's because flooding from the nearby river -- like in this photo -- often makes the trail either impassable or an uninviting soggy mess. 

People who use the trail know that this part of the trail faces other shortcomings as well, including a lack of signage and the need to cross wide and scary arterial streets where heavy traffic is speeding by.

Safe access to Chicago River Trail advances in 2018

The city made exciting progress towards a continuous Chicago River Trail in 2018 with projects breaking ground that'll add 2.6 miles to the growing river trail network.

The projects include a new trail at Lathrop Homes, the 312 RiverRun (pictured) and Manor Greenway.

As wonderful as these projects are, trails are only useful if neighborhood residents can access them safely and easily.

New flyover section makes trail safer

For decades, people biking, walking and running on the Lakefront Trail have had to face cars whizzing by and poor sight lines at extremely busy street crossings near Navy Pier. 

Now, thanks to the partial opening of one the most talked about infrastructure projects in Chicago, people on the trail can avoid the most dangerous, confusing part of the Lakefront Trail. 

The addition of a temporary trail connection to the sidewalk on Lower Lake Shore Drive means that people can now use the Navy Pier Flyover to bypass the intersections of Grand and Illinois Avenues. 

A transportation agenda for next mayor, city council

A coalition of 15 community-based organizations joined Active Trans in asking candidates for mayor and city council to support a set of policies that will make it safer and easier to walk, bike and ride transit in neighborhoods across Chicago.

Despite improvements, hopes dashed for protected bike lanes on Milwaukee Ave.

Newly unveiled plans for the once-in-a-generation reconstruction of Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square feature many exciting improvements for walking, biking, and transit. However, they fail to provide kind of transformative change needed to create safer streets that prioritize people over cars, particularly for people on bikes.