Recent News Releases

Nov 21, 2017
The fee increases on Uber and Lyft rides to pay for public transit upgrades approved by Chicago City Council today is good news for everyone who cares about preserving healthy, sustainable and equitable transportation options across Chicago.
Nov 6, 2017
A new report from the Active Transportation Alliance called Back on the Bus analyzes the recent drop in Chicago bus ridership and outlines low-cost ways to improve service and increase bus ridership.
Oct 16, 2017
The Active Transportation Alliance launched Bike Walk Every Town, a new advocacy training program for people in suburban communities who want to see cleaner and healthier transportation options.
Aug 30, 2017
If you’ve ever had the urge to enter a bicycle race but were looking for a low-pressure, fun way of doing it, the Kickstand Classic is just the event you’re looking for.
Aug 11, 2017
Advocates for trails and community improvements along the Chicago River took a big step forward by launching the Chicago River Trail Coalition.
Jun 29, 2017
While dozens of Chicago suburbs have made strides to improve biking, the vast majority of suburban residents aren’t getting the biking options they deserve.
Jun 15, 2017
Celebrate the #1 bicycling city at Chicago Bike Week Rally plus take part in dozens of other Bike Week events
Jun 12, 2017
Today’s release of a Vision Zero Action Plan lays a strong foundation for the city to achieve its goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2026.
Jun 8, 2017
Relay on quarter-mile cinder track inspired by bike race in "Breaking Away" film
Jun 1, 2017
Suburban traffic fatalities in 2015 outnumbered those in Chicago nearly 3 to 1, according to a new report from the Active Transportation Alliance.