The 2013 Chicagoland Bike Map has arrived!

Active Trans is excited to announce that the 2013 edition of the Chicagoland Bike Map is hot off the presses and now in the Active Trans office.

The map is a unique resource for cyclists in the Chicagoland area because it covers a huge area unmatched by more localized municipal maps. Its boundaries run roughly from Kenosha, Wisconsin to the North, Aurora to the West, and University Park to the South. The Southeast of the map extends to the Indiana state line.

Improving upon previous editions, the 2013 map gives cyclists more than just the area's trails and cycling lanes. It also provides an improved rating system that will help people make decisions about which routes to take. Routes are rated as excellent, good or fair, and those ratings have been updated and refined.

Another goal of this sixth edition of the map is showing connectedness. This was accomplished by having volunteers work on reducing many of the dead ends found in the previous 2010 edition.

"This map really tries to tie together all of the bike routes in the region," said Marissa Dolin, transportation planner for Active Trans.

This is just one of the two pallets of  new bike maps that arrived in the Active Trans office. 

Active Trans builds its map from various sources of data — and most importantly data gathered by trained volunteers. About 150 experienced riders — more than in any previous edition — contributed to this year's map. This allows the map to truly be “for cyclists, by cyclists” in its design.

Paul Lippens, Active Trans' director of planning, stressed that the data provided by these volunteers forms the core the map: “If you asked our members, 'What are the best streets and trails for riding?' This map is the answer."

New and renewing Active Trans members will receive a map automatically as part of their membership. Others can purchase the new map here.

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Thank you

Thank you

Didn't receive a map as part of membership packet. :(

I did not receive a 2013 Map as part of my membership packet. May I please have one?

2013 Map

Hey Rafal:

Thanks for joining Active Trans during Bike to Work Week!  You didn't receive the new edition because it wasn't out yet - we just got them in the office this week, in fact!   I'm afraid we can't retroactively give new maps to members who already received the previous edition, but check your email in a minute or two - I'm sending you a code for $4 off the new map for members only.

Thanks for your support!

Kevin Dekkinga - Active Trans Membership Department

I received my map as part of

I received my map as part of my membership renewal packet. It is a vast improvement over the old map!

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